Monday, September 26, 2011

A permanent part of the view?

I certainly hope not. Work seems to be stalled at Stony Brook Harbor.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A sad sign at Borders

Borders is closing. Death by Amazon. Or e-reader. Or competition from B&N. Or all three. At any rate, I had to stop in and see if there was anything good to pick up. Wow, 70% off, but  I had to search for an hour before I could find one thing and only one thing of interest. All the rest was junk. Sad. I had a part time job here about 14 years ago, combining it with my library job (book overkill). So many memories were swirling in my head as I walked through the ravaged sections where the signs were wrong, the ceiling dripped water, and even the shelving was for sale. Sic transit gloria mundi ... no, not quite that important, but Borders used to be a wonderful, civilized place you could go and read for hours without buying anything, or enjoy a coffee-plus while people-watching, or purposefully order a book you needed. Or ... many other things.
For me the other book store in town is not an adequate substitute. But ... society gets what society wants (Whole foods, et al.).
Oh yes, the book set me back two dollars and ninety-one cents. Thank you, Borders. And thanks for the memories.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lord of the canopy

A LIPA crew came this morning. Although power went back on Tuesday morning, two huge trees, pitch pine and wild black cherry, were leaning on wires in the back. It was fascinating to watch the highly skilled guy in the bucket as he worked, first trimming out a workspace, then carefully tying lines, "driving" his vehicle wherever he wanted, instructing the men on the ground in both Spanish and English, and cutting the large branches and stubs so that the wood fell exactly right. Skill! No damage. No injuries. Finished in an hour and a half. How he and they exulted when the big ones came swishing down and hit the ground with a thump. I really enjoyed the reality show.