Monday, June 28, 2010

Extreme Makeover house: Sunday

The Lutzes are in their new home

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Extreme Makeover house: Saturday

So much has been done since I was here 23 hours ago. It's astonishing.

Landscaping, fences, walk, driveway--like magic.

The camera

Maroon shirts are the guys from Allure

Security patrols constantly

People still come to gawp, many teenagers

Hard hats off, dangerous work done

Large windows on right and front door have been installed since I started taking these pictures half an hour ago. Red thing is a tent being removed.

I can't get over the instant landscaping.

Hard to tear oneself away.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Extreme Makeover house: Friday

Siding almost finished, skylight done, landscaping begins. Smoke is from stone cutters constructing a beautiful walk.

Huge crane conveys heavy cement thing from front to back.

The Bobcat can twirl around like a ballet dancer.

Sometimes you have to rest

The Fan Girls
They fanned me with their fans (very hot day)

Moving cement from here to there

Topsoil arriving
The neighbors have a lot to put up with: their lawns are trampled, bright lights shine late into the night, the public is there all the time, WALK blaring all day, and they have to park blocks away. It's a circus, no doubt about it. Hope they're paid for their trouble.
Masonry work

Ty Pennington arrived and was greeted like a rock star

He inspected everything, or seemed to

They were filming the program so some scenes were done repeatedly (four times Ty came around the right side of the house talking and gesticulating animatedly trailed by camera). The workers went right on with their work.

It's funny how people behave around a celebrity.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Extreme Makeover house: Thursday

The Lutz family is getting a new home in East Setauket. The construction scene is an amazing "happening" albeit a well-organized one. The program will air in September. A Good Deed happening before one's very eyes.

Volunteer check-in and ample parking

You walk uphill a quarter of a mile

Turn right

past the merchandise

Getting closer

The house at 6pm Thursday. Many working inside. The old house was demolished and the site cleared on Tuesday. Foundation laid, framing, windows, roof, electrical stuff all done in less than 48 hours. It will be finished Saturday, they say.

Barriers for safety

Seemed to be hundreds of volunteers

Where we stand and watch

Loud music from WALK fm added to the festival atmosphere

There will be VIPs and media
(All those stretch limos you've been seeing)

Everyone knows his/her job

Ladies a-plenty working

Digging for the cesspool

The house at 6:40 pm on Thursday
Then they put a tarp over the roof

After 2 hours of watching I head back to the car
and it's all downhill, thank goodness
Extra hardhats
Here are some photos from Newsday

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Help is on the way
(Wonder if it would fit in my car?)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Caroline Country Fair

Just put the kids in this big cage

They're happy in their alternate reality

because it's a trampoline!

Crafts for kids--paint a birdhouse?

Raffle baskets

Always a line for BBQ

Finally got there

Back for more

Barn sale + yardsale

+ book sale

I know what's burning (burgers)

Snickerdoodle sellers

Nothing that isn't pickled

Colorful shirts with encouraging sayings

Won't you please adopt a greyhound?

Who's next?

Brother's Bread from Little Portion Friary